Make Your Own Captain Randy

Download the Template

Now you can download and print a template to create your very own Captain Randy. You might want to print a couple extras in case you make a mistake – because we certainly made a few.

Get the Template

Here’s what you’ll need: Elmer’s glue, a straight edge ruler, an X-Acto knife and something to cut on. We used a self-healing cutting mat, but any kind of cutting board will probably do the trick

You will want to start by cutting out all the pieces. It’s pretty simple, just follow the solid gray lines. If we can do it, you can do it.

Next, you will want to score the folds. This makes folding the pieces together easier. Use the back of your X-Acto and lightly run it across the folds, being sure not to cut through the paper.

Here comes the sticky part. Now you will want to put a small amount of glue on all the the folding tabs. I would recommend gluing one piece at a time.

Once the first piece is glued and all folded, hold it together for a few minutes for the glue to fully dry.

Assembling the hat may seem tricky.  It consists of two piece’s: the brim and the back part of the hat. After both pieces have been created, glue the back part to the back of the brim and voila! You’ve just created Captain Randy’s hat.

Once all the pieces have been assembled you can glue the legs, torso, neck, head and hat together. Make sure to give each piece long enough to dry.

You’re almost there! Now you just have to insert the arms, ears and antlers in to the appropriate slits.

Congratulations! You’ve just created your very own Captain Randy.

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