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Shake Things Up: Making Compelling Content


Shake Things Up: Making Compelling Content Content can come from the most surprising places. Take Michelin for instance, the French tire company, turned food critic. These two unlikely topics were molded together in 1900 after Michelin decided to create a guide for rest-stops and notable food establishments around France. Over the past 119 [...]

Shake Things Up: Making Compelling Content2019-08-14T09:19:39-06:00

Show Me The Money!


Show Me The Money! How to recover lost value in new marketing strategies “What kind of ideas do you guys have?” The client with a potentially lucrative account said this to our creative team on a rainy Tuesday morning in October. Keep in mind this was our first meeting with them after an [...]

Show Me The Money!2019-07-15T14:24:50-06:00

What to Expect From Your First Graphic Design Job


What to Expect From Your First Graphic Design Job Congratulations! So, you’re officially a graphic designer. You’ve made it past the interview process and just got your offer letter or call. This is a super exciting time. All that hard work in school and working on your portfolio has paid off. They could [...]

What to Expect From Your First Graphic Design Job2019-06-11T12:19:03-06:00

Analyzing Your Followers; Growing An Audience


Analyzing Your Followers; Growing An Audience  So, you’ve made a few social media accounts for your business and started to gain some followers. Now what? You want your brand to continue to grow in popularity, but social media is saturated with so many engagement opportunities, you don’t know where to begin. Extending an [...]

Analyzing Your Followers; Growing An Audience2019-06-11T11:32:44-06:00

Reaching Millennials


Reaching Millennials Five Ways to Engage Millennials Born between the years 1981 and 1997, millennials make up one of the first generations to spend their formative years online. This “information age” has caused millennials to change the way the world operates in a lot of ways. From a marketing perspective, this [...]

Reaching Millennials2019-04-17T09:03:04-06:00

Viral News


Viral News Remember Seeing Viral News Spread Before Social Media? My dad, Max Nichols, long ago told me about how he grew up “watching radio” in the 1930s and 1940s. He also loved to recount as a kid delivering newspapers during WWII. He knew when he saw big news headlines during [...]

Viral News2019-03-13T13:42:39-06:00