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Merry Christmas From Oklahoma


Merry Christmas From Oklahoma Merry Christmas Y'all Every year, here at Skyline we like to do something special for our clients and friends. For 2016, we decided to so something with some local flare.  Something that was unique to Oklahoma but also had a bit of the ol’ [...]

Merry Christmas From Oklahoma2019-03-13T11:38:10-06:00

Start a snowball fight


How to start a snowball fight in your office. We’ve sent this to multiple people in your office and of course we’ve posted here. Chances are, your coworkers have already intercepted it and are conspiring against you. Who knows where the next ambush point is? Trust no one. No one. The next crumpling sound you hear could be your last. You've been warned. This little act of chaos brought to you by Skyline Media Group.

Start a snowball fight2019-03-13T14:01:26-06:00

Make Your Own Captain Randy


Make Your Own Captain Randy Download the Template Now you can download and print a template to create your very own Captain Randy. You might want to print a couple extras in case you make a mistake – because we certainly made a few. Get the Template [...]

Make Your Own Captain Randy2019-03-13T11:36:53-06:00

Cox Moves with You


Cox Communications Cox Moves with You Cox Communications has been a client of Skyline Media Group since September 2010. Our work has been featured throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Idaho, Nebraska and Virginia with one spot being picked up for Cox Systems nationally. Production has included campaigns for Cox Digital Telephone, Cox High Speed [...]

Cox Moves with You2017-11-10T13:33:07-06:00

World’s Fastest Athletes


Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association & Remington Park  World's Fastest Athletes In a second sample of outstanding use of TV production in conjunction with social media, we are proud to showcase the development of all the work associated with worldsfastestathletes.com. From logo design to Web site design to print ads, Internet ads, TV commercials, [...]

World’s Fastest Athletes2017-12-29T11:11:43-06:00

Homeland Security


Hornets/Homeland Security Public Service Announcement Hornets / Homeland Security Video - When Homeland Security wanted to create a public outreach campaign urging Oklahomans to formulate a plan in the case of an emergency, they contacted the Oklahoma City Hornets and Skyline Media Group for help putting together a Public [...]

Homeland Security2017-11-10T10:31:09-06:00

Bank of Oklahoma


Bank of Oklahoma Heritage Video Since 2007, Skyline Media Group has provided annual videos on behalf of BOk in their role as a sponsor of major awards at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Bank of Oklahoma2017-11-10T10:06:06-06:00



AT&T A Part of the Fabric of the Community For years, the dominant name for local and long distance telephone service in Oklahoma and across the United States was AT&T. However, the case United States v. AT&T, filed in 1974 by the US Department of Justice led to the [...]


News 9


Emmy Winning Work In 2008, Griffin Communications began contracting with Skyline Media Group to provide a series of distinctive spots on behalf on News9 in Oklahoma City and Newson6 in Tulsa to highlight various aspects of their news organization from weather to news to sports and beyond. Winner of 3 Emmys [...]

News 92017-11-10T14:33:09-06:00

ST Residential


ST Residential Rethinking Everything ST recently came into existence to take over a $4.5 billion portfolio of residential high rises and condominiums in many of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. Collectively representing over $100 billion in capital, ST is the managing member of a public-private partnership between [...]

ST Residential2017-11-09T14:47:42-06:00